On This Day in 1955 Elephants Took Flight

On this day in 1955, in a former orange grove, Walt Disney and his team of dreamers made elephants fly. “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” opened for Disneyland guests. Can you imagine the conversations that took place? “Remember Dumbo? We are going to let people ride him and make him fly.” Crazy right. No, really guys, making the movie was not enough.


I’m sure there were people that said, “That’s impossible.” “No one wants to ride a fiberglass elephant.” “That’s a kiddie ride. Adults will never wait in line for hours for that.” “That’s going to be really expensive.”

It would have never happened if the movie didn’t get made. It would have never happened without someone asking, “What if?” Dumbo would have never existed if Walt Disney had quit after failure.

You are probably sitting on the greatest idea ever. You may be waiting to make the best record ever made. (Ok, you may not do that. The “Christmas with the Chipmunks” record is impossible to beat. You can settle for second best.) You may feel that tug to start something: a business, a church, or a hip-hop fusion polka cover band. Maybe you won’t reinvent the wheel, but you may make it better. Steve Jobs didn’t invent the Mp3 player; he just made it awesome.


Stop waiting, start doing. Seriously. Who knows, fifty years from now maybe your idea will be a theme park ride at Disneyland Mars. As Dave Ramsey says, “at some point you have to pull the trigger, you can’t just keep saying ready, aim, aim, aim, aim…..forever.”

I’ve pulled the trigger on getting this book in your hands, and I need your help to be sure I hit the target. Today, would you please head over and help by pre-ordering “Making Elephants Fly.” Just two weeks left to go!

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