3 Audibles for Parents of Teenagers

I asked my friend Jeremy Lee to write a guest post just for parents of teenagers. I met Jeremy at the Orange Conference earlier this year. He encourages parents of teenagers at parentzilla.com. He is also giving away 3 month memberships this month as his Christmas present to you. Just having my little brother graduate from High School, I know parents of teenagers need all of the help they can get!


As I write this I am watching RG3 the amazing rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins be interviewed about his Monday Night Football performance.

He is discussing the “audibles” he made during the game. An audible (for the football impaired) is when the quarterback changes the play just before the snap.

A great quarterback knows how to audible, and so does a great parent.

Here are 3 audibles you can call with your teenager today that can be a game changer in your home:

1. Stop Controlling, Start Guiding
The days of putting your kid in time-out are over. Focus less on manipulating behavior and more on teaching your teenager how to make decisions.

2. Stop Focusing only on the Now, Start being Strategic
Great businesses and organizations thrive on vision, core values, and intentional strategy. Do you have these in place for your family?

3. Stop doing it for them, Teach them to do it for themselves
It is easy to rescue your teenager from natural consequences by doing everything for them. That approach will rob them from the opportunity to practice being an adult.

If you are raising a teenager, then you are in the 4th quarter of your parenting journey. I want to encourage you today to hang in there and finish strong and enjoy the journey.

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