A Lesson from the Creator on Rest

A Lesson from the Creator on Rest

In the beginning, God created……
The first thing we learn about God is that He is a creative God. As the creation story in Genisis unfolds, we learn about the Creator and His process of creating something from nothing for six days. This is not a post where I want to argue about theories or how long the days were. This whole gravity and oxygen thing seems to be working out on our planet, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t accidental. For six days, the Creator created life, air, wind, sky, and ants and at the end of each day He rested.
The last part of the creation process is the one thing creatives forget we need in our lives, and that is the idea of Sabbath rest. When we start to believe we don’t need rest, we are saying to all of creation that we are better than God. We live within a culture that celebrates the hustle, but no one seems to be celebrating rest.

*I recently discovered that even Santa needs some down time.
All of us are here to leave our mark. The creation process in our own lives can’t be sustained without rest. Nothing happens in life unless we get serious about it. I want to challenge you to schedule four types of Sabbath with yourself.

Daily Rest

This one is hard but get some day sleep. Sometimes that means a quick nap. I am a night owl; it’s when I create best, but it also means you won’t be hearing from me as some mighty creative at 5 am. We want to believe that achieving our goals is all about doing more, when often our greatest breakthroughs happen while we are resting. Don’t believe me, try not to have an awesome idea in the shower.

Weekly Rest

Take a 24-hour period of rest off. Unplug. Turn off as much noise as you can. We carry phones that have more power than the spaceship that went to the moon, which is awesome, but the downside is we are always available. I love what Eugene H. Peterson said, “If you don’t take a Sabbath, something is wrong. You’re doing too much; you’re being too much in charge. You’ve got to quit, one day a week, and just watch what God is doing when you’re not doing anything.”

Quarterly Rest

At least once a quarter take an extended (at least long 3-5 day) time of rest. It can be a trip, or it can just be a time where you unplug and lock the doors. Roald Dahl, writer about a chocolate factory said, “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” I have found that my best ideas come in this moment of rest.

Annual Rest

Take a long period of time (10-21 days) off. Get out of town. Rest. Depending on your line of work, this may be hard. But it may be time to redesign your life, if not. Many other countries around the world don’t get vacation; they get holiday and a whole month off. I feel like it’s important to get away for a least 10 days. Anyone with a week of vacation can figure out a way to make this happen.
Don’t expect to create anything beautiful with your own life unless you commit to resting. The oxygen of that fuels the lungs of creativity is rest. The reason you feel like you have nothing of value to bring is because you have no oxygen. I can hear some of you saying, “I can’t afford the time off.” and my response is simple, “You can afford not to rest.” Go rest, breathe, create, and remember that you aren’t better than God; even He valued rest.

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