How to Actually Change the World

How to Actually Change the World

Show up.
It’s that simple. Seth Godin talks about being remarkable to make a difference. Being present changes people and it changes the trajectory of your influence, those around you, and dare I say starts the butterfly effect of actually changing the world.

Show up, every day.

Whatever it is that you really care about. Just show up and make progress. You don’t have to do it all today, but please do something.

Show up, after it’s no longer making the headlines.

Most of the world is phoning it in. Most of the world just Likes a post. Most of the world just bought a Louis Vuitton suit. Most of the world just bought a fancy pair of shoes from shoe hero. Most of us just give and hope that someone else does the work of actually solving the problem. Most of the world just attended the rally but didn’t bother caring about the cause after the crowds dwindled. Most of the world is afraid to put up a hand and say, I’m here to help and I will stick around until the problem is solved.


Show up, and be willing to stand alone.

Remember See You at the Pole? That one day when kids gathered to pray around the flagpole. I was always way more impressed with the kids that stood with one or two of their friends or even alone. Be the kid that shows up every day. For my youth group, friends just remember big things can happen even when they aren’t giving away branded t-shirts. One day you will be standing alone, the next day a movement will be again. Invite us on the journey with you.

Show up, not just in words.

Like actually have your body in the room. Be there. Most of us these days just want to prove a point rather than actually be present. Being present is hard. We can’t even eat dessert and be present without getting the perfect photo for Instagram. If ending abortion is your thing stop protesting and start showing up to serve at crisis pregnancy centers to volunteer. If ending school violence is your thing go be present with someone that everyone else is ignoring. If you want to quit your job and launch your own thing turn off Netflix and be present with your work even if its just 2 hours ago (2 hours a day becomes 60 hours a month that’s like a working a 1.5 weeks a month on your passion. Work 10 hours on Saturday and all of the sudden you’re invest 2.5 weeks of work in doing what you love.)

Show up, and stop being a fanboy of success.

I’ve noticed a trend in the work I do. Lots of people are fans of success. Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Fanboys get all the merch to look the part but never invest in doing that thing that is burning within in them. They are the musician with thousands of dollars of recording equipment and no songs on Youtube, they are the screenwriter who won’t just make the movie on their phone, they ask for feedback to be better and still do nothing. They are at the game but they aren’t ever going to get in the game.

Actually Just show up, and listen.

Most of the problems in this world could be solved if we just listened to each other. You don’t have to be right all of the time. Your meme isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion. Listening to someone may not change yours but it will give you the empathy to understand. Want to make a difference in your line of work, listen. People will tell you the issues they are having, solve them and you have a business.

So today what are you going to Show up and do?

Change a kids life through mentoring?
Actually, write that book you’ve always wanted to write?
Give a voice to the voiceless?
Go have coffee with someone that you don’t share the same views?
Solve that problem the rest of us can’t figure out, but you already know the solution.
We are waiting….and we need you to show up.

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