Announcing My New Coaching Program

Announcing My New Coaching Program

Everyone needs a coach…..
I was sitting in one of the largest leadership conferences in the world when I heard Peyton Manning (a guy who at the time just walked off the field playing the Super Bowl) say that. One of the greatest quarterbacks in football history then went on to say that he has had a coach since he was a kid and still has one. I then went on to research this idea and realized that both Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, Inc said the same thing. When people that are without a doubt the greatest at what they do are convinced they need a coach, the truth is that you and I are also in need.
What is coaching?
I think we have all heard the term “life coach” and kind of cringed. What most people need is not Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio being their conscience for them. What they do need is someone who can help get them headed in the right direction, or in some cases find a destination even worth going to. Great coaches walk with you to help you discover why it is you are here and how to maximize the limited time you have here on this planet to make the greatest impact.
What coaching isn’t?
Coaching isn’t a shortcut. It isn’t someone just telling you what you are good at. It’s not an online course. Sure you can read a book or take an online course, but neither comes with personal engagement and most importantly accountability.
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