A few thoughts on Champions

Wow, the Masters! Tiger Woods with the comeback. The comeback from addiction, the comeback from moral failure, the come back from a career-ending injury and the surgery to follow, the come back from failure and the comeback from the tabloids. Gosh, I love comebacks, especially...

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Mindset.   I've heard that word thrown around by lots of cool kids and gurus. I've spent most of last week around a lot of highly successful people. People who moved the ball down the field and added the commas. For years I wrote off...

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Get Hungry

"Screw Hustle. Get Hungry."   Rachel said that and I was like YES! Hustle is exhausting. It's not sustainable. Getting hungry, dare I say hangry to actually get after those things that you are most passionate about actually makes change happen.   Earlier this week I got to...

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