Becoming a Legend

Ok, I admit it… I like award music shows. I know, I have a problem. So, last night I decided to watch the Billboard Music Awards, which I kind of regret (except for the awesomeness that was Prince). There were quite a few shocking elements of night; there was Tracy Morgan yelling bad jokes, Justin Beiber demanding our respect for his “music” and high “craft.” Kid Rock summed up the night pretty well by giving a shout out to artists lip-syncing pop songs. The most shocking part of the night was the announcer saying throwing to commercial, “Stay tuned. Up next, Hip-Hop Legends: Nikki Minaj, and Little Wayne.”

Really…. legends? Really? No really?

I am not a certified Hip-Hop critic, but I do know the names of some Hip-Hop legends like Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Carmen (you know he is), Dr. Dre, SaltNPeppa, and The Sugar Hill Gang to name a few. I am positive that that Nikki and Little (I guess thats what you call him) are not legends.

I actually think Justin has done some groundbreaking stuff. He chased his dreams and made them happen. But, Mr. Beiber does not get to demand respect or be a legend yet. You have to earn that!

Billboard did remind me once again that this is an entitled generation. We all could learn the hard lesson that most people that have become legends did not have time to stop and check to see if they were one!


We don’t get to wake up and decide we are legends. History decides who the legends are. Sure, there are living legends. About this time last year, I posted about having Merida from Brave and her desire to live  “A Legendary Story.” David Lee Roth had it right when he said, “A lot of rock bands are truly a legend in their own minds.” Most of them will end up just being remembered for bad hair and leather pants.

Here are four easy steps to becoming a legend:

1. Do stuff

2. Do more stuff.

3. Do better stuff that most everyone else.

4. Repeat until you die.

I am not sure I will do anything legendary today, but I’m gonna do stuff. History can decide later. I do know this; that the first step to becoming a legend is to do stuff. No one becomes a legend by saying, “I wish I could” or “I may do this one day.”

Alright, now go do something… legendary….

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