Chasing Ducks

My dog Gibson has a duck decoy toy, (ok he has like 5 cause he keeps eating their heads off) and he loves it, so we keep buying him more. I know… we spoil our dog.

A few weekends ago, I was sitting on the couch and asked him to get his duck. He scowered the house until he found one or more and brought them to my feet; his tail moving faster than our ceiling fan. He gets so excited for me to throw him that duck. After his ADD kicked in, and he moved onto something else, I sat and thought about how often I have settled for decoy ducks.

Sometimes we settle for the decoy instead of going after the real thing. I am not sure if you have ever eaten duck, but I can tell you this it is delicious! I can’t tell you how dog slobber covered stuffed duck toys taste, but I can’t imagine that it’s any good.

We all chase decoys. Here are a few that I have chased:

The decoy of Success: There is nothing wrong with success. There is something wrong with letting others define it for you.

The decoy of Next: As someone with ADD, it’s really easy to chase what’s next rather than what needs to be finished now. Oh look, a bunny…

The decoy of the Impossible: Sure they (whoever “they” are) say it can’t be done, so prove them wrong.

The decoy of Later: Now is not the time, or I am not ready is the biggest lie. You will never be ready. Just start.

Speaking of ducks, I love what Seth Godin says about them, “We’re surrounded by people who are busy getting their ducks in a row, waiting for just the right moment. . . Getting your ducks in a row is a fine thing to do. But deciding what you are going to do with that duck is a far more important issue.”

You know what to do. Just go do it. Go chase your duck. Just make sure you don’t settle for the decoy when the real thing is so much better.

What are you some of your decoys?

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