Delegate Everything, Except Relationships

Delegate Everything, Except Relationships

As I huddled down in the shower with a toothbrush in hand and I scrubbed the grout as shown by my father. However, he insisted showing me how to do it correctly by scrubbing half of the shower. He showed me how to do the task at hand, he didn’t just have me figure it out. He showed me, let me try it, and provided feedback. This reminds me of the importance of delegating. As a leader, the most freeing thing you can do is to delegate. As I heard Andy Stanley say “Do what only you can do.” In other words, delegate and do what only you can do. After being told by a medical professional that I needed to reduce the stress in my life to maintain my health, I learned how to delegate, but I got a little carried away. I delegated a lot of my tasks, but one task was detrimental.
I took a total hands-off approach. I let others be my voice to communicate my vision, my focus, my goals. What I realized is it created a wedge between myself and my team members. What I was missing was connecting with my team. What I missed out on was getting to know my team members, getting to cheer them on, getting to celebrate accomplishments. I missed out on building them up. As I have moved back into the lead role at my job I am rekindling relationships. It takes time, trust, investment, and sincerity. So I challenge you to delegate tasks but do not miss the opportunity to connect.
Here are a few ways to invest in relationships. Take the time to invest in others. Let them know you believe in them by giving them a task. Show them how to do the task. The next way you can invest in others is a principle I learned from John Maxwell, add value to others. After you delegate the task and provide guidance on how to do the task, take the time to discuss how it went, what did they learn? What value did they gain or skill from the experience? The challenge is to be a mentor to those wanting to learn more. How can you continue to guide them? The funny thing in the process many times is that the teacher becomes the learner.
So my challenge to you is to delegate everything, except relationships.

The Thing 2018 is a great way to building new relationships with other creatives. So I encourage you to come and learn, be present, and foster supportive relationships.

An inspiring leader are words employees use to describe Leslie Weaver. As an established leader in the non-profit, ministry, and educational realms Leslie has used her experience to teach others to grow in their leadership, mentor others, and give back.  She lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Terry and their miniature schnauzer Walt.

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