My Review of Tim Burton’s DUMBO

My Review of Tim Burton’s DUMBO

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages… Lots of you have been asking for my review of Dumbo, the live-action remake directed by Tim Burton.
So without further ado, I present my (mostly spoiler-free) Review…
I’m going to be honest with you when I heard they were doing a live-action remake of DUMBO I was a bit apprehensive but the second I heard that Tim Burton was going to engineering the Casey Junior train that it was in safe hands. While it is a technically a remake of the original animated 1941 release only about 30% of the movie is, with some nods to the original. The other 70% of the movie is really a sequel to the original. The film is absolutely gorgeous stunning visuals from the mind of Burton. It’s his best in a long time!
Dumbo is the star of this movie for sure. His CGI self is absolutely adorable. His eyes hold you, hostage, the entire film. Nico Parker park shines as Milly Farrier and is only upstaged by Danny DeVito portrayal of circus owner Max Medici. The story of the Farrier family is incredibly endearing and you definitely are rooting for them to win.
I’ve seen several negative reviews but I really don’t understand people who go to movies just to tear them down. There are a few plot holes and maybe some scenes got edited a little too much. It’s right at two times the length of the original. One of the things I’ve heard from critics is that Dumbo is the star of the show, and my response is simple…THAT’S THE ENTIRE IDEA TO THE STORY!
This is definitely a different movie than Joe Grant and company created in 1941, and that’s ok. It’s a little darker and strikes a different tone. Don’t worry DUMBO still flies, the feather is still magical, and Baby Mine will still make your eyes water.
Tim Burton’s imagination put to Danny Elfman’s soundtrack with a little help from Arcade Fire and Ben Davis’ beautiful Cinematography it’s a feast for the senses, to say the least. The visuals and all of the lettering and branding of the circus is perfect.
A few things that I would have done differently. Actually, I can only think of three. Timothy Q Mouse is present but definitely missed. His character was missed but Milly Farrier definitely steps in. No one ever needed to see Danny DeVito topless in a bathtub. I wish this movie was made 5 years ago before political correctness changed the circus, but I understand why Burton made the movie he did. I would have made the movie that would have been made in the 1940s since it is a period piece.
If you are coming to The Thing 2019 in Orlando you definitely want to see the movie before May. Go see this movie, it’s four out of five stars for me. I definitely left the theater on Tuesday inspired and going back to see it again later today.


Now for A few takeaways from the movie…


Magic and Imagination still Rule The world.

One of my favorite lines from the movie comes from V. A. Vandevere, who astonished after seeing our favorite pachyderm fly says, “You’ve made me a child again.” What made Tim Burton so perfect for this movie his ability to put his imagination on the screen.

Anything Is Possible

There is a strong message of making the impossible, possible. Far too often we are held captive to other people’s plans for our life. We all possess the key to unlock our own future turn heads by doing what they said could not be done.

We all deeply need someone to believe in us.

The belief of another human is what keeps many of us from taking off. It’s the greatest gift that we can gift can give to another. As we all know that feather has never been magical it was the belief of someone else that allowed DUMBO to believe in himself. So go start giving those feathers away!

Freaks and Weirdos banded together are unstoppable

All of the other circus performers in the supporting cast kind of meld into one indistinguishable character (which I loved) As the story unfolds we learn the power of when those that really don’t fit anywhere else band together to tell a great story.
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