Announcing Making Elephants Fly Launch

Announcing Making Elephants Fly Launch

If you have been following me on social media or have been reading this blog for a while you know that I am writing a book called “Making Elephants Fly.” I have tens of thousands of words written, but now it’s time for my ADD self to focus and get this thing in your hands. To do that I need time. so I have committed the majority of my time over the next few months on this book. I am asking for your help through Indiegogo (a site much like Kickstarter) to help make this project happen. I need you to go to the site and buy the book! There are all kinds of cool incentives like an afternoon at the zoo with me, t-shirts, original artwork from Noah, chances to have me come speak at your event, and so much more.


I Need Your Help…

But you probably already knew that I needed help. No seriously I need your help to make this book a reality. I am really close, but need you. In faith, knowing you would come through, I have cleared my schedule so that I can finally finish this book and release it before the end of the year. Here are few things that your contribution will help make a reality for this project:

  • Allows me to take the time off from speaking to dedicate the majority of my time to this book.
  • Hire someone to format and layout the book
  • Allow for a professional copyeditor to fix my spelling and grammar. No one wants to read a book from someone who don’t spell reel guud. 😉
  • Bring a publicist on board to help let people know about the book, get interviews, and reviews.
  • If we exceed the goal by 5000, it will allow us to create a mini life plan manual to give away to students at our school assemblies.
  • Have the book converted to ebook format for Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle

Meet Noah

Today I am excited to announce that the forward to Make Elephants Fly is going to be written by my good friend Noah. Noah is going to also be painting some original artwork for cover and doing some sketches that will go before each chapter. Watch the video below to find out more about Noah.

Making Elephants What?

I think everyone has heard the statement “the elephant in the room,” but what I don’t think you know is there is a probably an elephant in your room. As I travel around the country speaking I have learned that everyone has a dream. More than half the people I meet wish they had a different job or just wish they could do something that matters. Living in Nashville, every coffee shop you go to you can get your coffee served from someone waiting for their big break. Sadly though, most people have this big dream that they have adopted like a pet elephant and rather than unleash their elephant, they allow it sit around and not do anything. I have seen elephants go to the bathroom. Trust me, you don’t want an elephant as a pet!

This book is for anyone with a dream that they wish they could get off the coach and get it soaring high.

Just because you are awesome enough to come to this page, I want you to see how the book will start in Chapter Zero.

Please head on over to indiegogo and help if you can!
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