I Love Free Stuff!

I Love Free Stuff!

Whoa, what a week in ‘Merica. There was lots of talk about freedom and rights. I have heard things from every side. People are mad that someone else isn’t going to pay for what they want. I am not going to share my opinion; enough people have done that already and let’s be honest, most of them, badly. Craft stores scare me anyway, so I stay away as much as possible.

Today we celebrate the birthday of this great nation. Most of us will grill meat and blow stuff up to celebrate. An awkward number of people will be wearing flag shorts, tanks, and shirts. I love this nation and the freedoms we enjoy. I love the freedom that we all don’t have to believe the same thing; we don’t have to agree on everything. That’s the deal with freedom… you have to be ok with someone else enjoying their’s, even if you don’t like it.


My Facebook feed is full of people complaining about how Facebook uses their information on a service they don’t actually pay for. (Hint it’s not really free; nothing really is.) Even those awesome “free” samples at Costco are just a ploy to get you to buy 10 pounds of beef jerky.

Somewhere around the world in the belly of submarine, a thin mattress in the middle of the desert, or someplace they can’t even tell us where they are, someone is paying the price for your freedom. Birthdays will be missed, first steps taken that will never be seen, and some will go and never come back. Many have paid the ultimate price for you to enjoy that freedom. Sons have lost fathers; moms have lost daughters, and brave men and women defending the home front have lost the love of their lives.

Enjoy your freedom today. Have an extra hot dog. Double down on the cheesecake. If you see someone in uniform or a veteran, stop and give them a hug or a high-five today. Without them there would be no second serving of banana pudding and who wants to live in that world. Just remember, freedom is never really free.

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