Get Hungry

Get Hungry

“Screw Hustle. Get Hungry.”
Rachel said that and I was like YES! Hustle is exhausting. It’s not sustainable. Getting hungry, dare I say hangry to actually get after those things that you are most passionate about actually makes change happen.
Earlier this week I got to see Rachel Pedersen speak and share actual deployable content at a Mastermind event here in Nashville. She will be speaking and sharing her social media tactics that have made her clients a quick seven-figures this May in Orlando in one of our Storyteller sessions.
Here’s the reality for most of us while we like to talk about hustle we aren’t hungry. We like to talk about how passionate we are but yet we aren’t hungry Rachel’s journey to the success she’s experiencing now came through some of the darkest of times and that experience has made her hungry. She made the decision that she was responsible for changing her future and was convinced to use her talents to be sure she never saw those dark times again. Hungry people don’t find dead ends, walls, or take no for an answer.

The Thing isn’t for that who want to make excuses. There will be lots of people who want to be there but will let any number of reasons and excuses get in the way of them attending. If you are facing some challenges that keeping you from being in the room with us get hungry and get after it. Hungry people will out achieve those that hustle because they refused to be stopped.
Definitely, don’t miss Rachel’s episode of the Making Elephants Fly podcast. If you’re Hungry join Rachel and me in Orlando for The Thing. If you just 1 of the things I know Rachel is going to be teaching you will get more than your tickets worth of value.
Register for the The Thing HERE

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