Good Ole Boys & Closed Doors

I live in the South. The Sweet Tea South. The Fried Chicken South. The Collard Green South. The Good ole Boy South.

My wife locked her keys in our truck yesterday, so we called a good ole boy, thanks to AAA, to let her in. I know he was a good old boy because he asked her if the school needed any tree stands, he had a few extra. I promise people in Connecticut don’t have extra tree stands lying around.

So I got to thinking about closed doors. Here in the South, closed doors get ignored. If you find a closed door, you go a grab a crowbar to open it. If that doesn’t work you head to Home Depot and buy new power tools. If that doesn’t work, you have a relative or friend that owns a truck that you can borrow to bust through doors. Then there is always the place that rents front end loaders…


I hear from people all of the time talking about closed doors. “Well that door was just closed.” I live in a city where people get told “No” everyday on following their dreams. That is when we all need to listen to our inner redneck saying, “Ok then bust that sucker down.” If that doesn’t work, build something new and put up your own door. If you live in the south, you have a cousin that can build it for you, I promise.

Stop hunting for cracked windows and bust down some doors. If you need help, ask a redneck.

  • ROZ

    very encouraging read Terry, Good Ole Boys-needed this today! Quick Edit in paragraph 2 line 1, did you mean to say “Here in the south, closed doors ‘DONT’ get ignored? Also paragraph 2 line 2 “I knEw he was ‘A’ good OLE..” just noticed as I was reading & thought I’d share. THANKS AGAIN for this Mid-day ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

    • terryweaver

      Thanks for the comment and encouragement. I meant to say closed doors get ignored. In the south we just bust through them =) Thanks for catching the missing A that got past me and two editors so good for you.

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