Ignore The Maps

Ignore The Maps

Ignore the Maps. That’s how you change the future. I know we aren’t supposed to celebrate Christopher Columbus anymore. Let’s not debate that.

I’m sure glad someone had a big vision and everyone thought he was wrong and he proceeded anyway. Crazy people still change the world. He got an in a boat risked it all and ignored the maps. Let’s celebrate those that don’t follow the maps but dare to go to places with no map.

Strangely enough, there’s still a group of people who believe in a flat earth long after it’s been proven otherwise. After you are dead people may still be arguing about the work that you are most passionate about. So you and I are left with a choice do we sit and the back porch and do nothing, all while they say we are crazy or do we proceed and discover a new world, they will still think we are crazy. I saw ignore the maps. Go blaze a new trail and don’t worry about who thinks you’re crazy.

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