Inspiring Greatness

It’s pretty common knowledge that NBC’s coverage has been less than spectacular. But, last night there was a moment of brilliance when Bob Costas concluded his interview with USA’s Women’s Gymnastics team aka “The Fab 5” with this question: “When did you say to yourself, watching the Olympics, ‘I want to do that’?” (let’s all forget the fact that none of them have any memories prior to 2004) All 5 girls when on to describe that moment that inspired them to do something great. Someone from the past did the hard work to do something great and that action inspired these girls to train for hours, days, weeks, months, and years on end.

One person, or a group of people, united for a common goal, inspired greatness for them. All of us have chance not just to do something great, but to inspire someone else to greatness. Tomorrow, in a gym somewhere, an 8 year old will be inspired to chase a dream because of “The Fab 5”. Who do you have have the chance to inspire today?

Just 48 hours before, Jordan Wieber was staring down the biggest disappointment of missing the All Around finals because of some random rule but, she dug deep to help the team clinch the Gold. She said watching the 1996 gold medal team inspired her to chase the gold too. I’m sure somewhere was the memory of Kerri Strug who inspired a whole country by beating the odds on her vault event in the Atlanta games.
You may be beaten down by your biggest failure or celebrating your biggest achievement today. Just know this: today you have the opportunity to inspire greatness. It’s why we started ACTIVATE Assemblies; to inspire a generation to do something remarkable. Go and find your platform to inspire someone else to make history. History is waiting on you…

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams


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