An Interview with Noah

Today I wanted to share with an interview I did with my good friend Noah Elias, known as “Noah“. You have may have seen his work on MTV’s Rob and Big, 2 Fast 2 Furious, CBS, tattoos on Pink, Famous Stars and Straps, Hart and Huntington, or many know him through his worth and partnership with the Walt Disney Company. You can see his fingerprints all over the new Disney’s California Adventure Park. I have been working with Noah to help launch a new mentorship program for creatives and artists.

We will be doing a live stream on Monday Night October 21st at 7pm CST and would love for you to join with us at:!


What is Noah University?

Noah University is a unique online mentorship program I provide for those people looking to take their ideas, dreams and gifts, and get them from their garage to the world. This is achieved in three unique areas: Helping define and discover your story and why you do what you do, showing you ways to build your stage with marketing, branding and social media, and helping you reach, nurture, and provide fresh content to your audience. Noah U is the playbook I wish someone would have given me when I graduated high school. I’m taking nearly 30 years of experience and delivering it to you once a week for one year. You will be able to watch and read the content at your leisure.

Why did you start Noah University?

I couldn’t find anyone in the world who was teaching and sharing how to help people get ideas and their gifts out to the world. There are experts in each area, but not one person delivering the why, what and how. I wanted to help as many people as possible live to the fullest with their unique gifts. We each have a gift. It can be discovered, defined, and used to change the world.

Who is behind Noah University?

Noah University is me, Noah, and my amazing team. I started my career as an artist and creative when I was 15. I went door-to-door making art for businesses and people. Then I took some really huge risks and crazy ideas, and made them a reality. I want to help others do the same.

You mentioned the “sweet spot.” What is your sweet spot? What are you here for?

The sweet spot is when you are living life as who you are designed to be. Anyone can be successful; the question is, how do you move from success to significance? The sweet spot is when you’re getting paid to do what you love, living your dream, and using that dream to change lives; not just make money. Most folks are working to the bone, in a career they hate, all for money. They exchange time for money and repeat the same pattern every year.

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

The best advice I’ve ever been given is to realize and love knowing this life isn’t about me. Once I realized this life is on loan to me, my wife, kids, and what I do with the time I’ve given, everything changed. The meaning of life, and the reason for living changed. It became my mission to discover how God wired me, and then use that gift to change lives. Folks are so busy that they’ve never given themselves permission to dream and take risk. Intentional leadership has responsibilities.

As a creative, what is your biggest daily struggle?

My thoughts. Over the last few years, I’ve learned techniques and tools to manage my thinking. My thoughts and beliefs change my actions and behaviors. As I grow, some things get a lot easier, and then new challenges present themselves. I’m glad to have this because the challenges show I’m moving ahead and not getting stale and stalled in growing.

Why should I tune into the live stream? What are you going to be sharing?

I’ll be sharing my story and give you a glimpse into the three areas of story, what it takes to build and market an idea, as well as how to speak and reach an audience in this crazy busy world. You can tune in with us at:

Bottom line… if you like what you’re getting in life, keep doing what you’re doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to toast your glass on New Year’s Eve and know you lived a year making progress on your dreams, living in the sweet spot, and changing lives? The things that have true value can’t and won’t fit in your coffin, so why on earth would you spend life wearing yourself out on things that won’t last?

Noah U is about you. It’s about change, risk and making sure you don’t die with mountains of regret for dreams you didn’t pursue.

I hope you’ll join me as we embark on this journey together.

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About Noah:

The story for this Orange Country native began with humble beginnings selling art door to door as a teenager on a bicycle. Noah Elias aka Noah is a renown artist, clothing designer, speaker, author, and creator based in Costa Mesa, California where he lives with his wife and two children. Quickly, word of his talent spread and his work caught the eye of such companies as Lexus, Alpine Electronics, Metal Mulisha, Disney, Hart and Huntington, Nordstrom, Toyota, Famous Stars and Straps, and Scion. Noah’s work has been featured in the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise, and TV networks such as TLC, VH1, CBS, MTV, and Fox. His celebrity work includes recording artist Pink, Tom Cruise, Travis Barker, and Ted Danson. An amazing day came when Noah partnered with The Walt Disney Company™ to create a line of Noah versions of the characters. His creations are featured on all four Disney Cruise Line Ships, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. He also empowers other creatives helping them harness their unique gifts to impact and influence on their world. Noah recently launched “The Kid in Me” telling life stories through eyes of a child.

Be sure and join us Monday Night October 21st at 7pm CST and would love for you to join with us at:!

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