Know Your Value: How Think Like a Secret Agent

Know Your Value: How Think Like a Secret Agent

While being snowed in last week, I finally got around to watching the season finale of Marvel’s: Agent Carter on my DVR. This series is amazing and better than most movies. Also, Agent Peggy Carter is freakin’ awesome. I will avoid any and all spoilers because if you missed the short season, you should go catch it onDemand or something. It’s worth the watch. Something amazing happened at the end of the final episode. Agent Carter witnesses someone else getting all the credit for something that she invested so much in. One of the other agents challenged her on why she wouldn’t just step in and take the credit she deserved. Her response was a game changer.


“I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter. ” Agent Peggy Carter


Boom! When you know your worth and value, everything changes. Aside from the fact that Agent Carter is a deadly trained secret agent, her knowing her value is her greatest strength.



Here are four truths that will help you think like a secret agent….


There is only one you. 

Dr. Seuss was right, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” It’s pretty straight forward, the odds of you being born, at this time, in this place and circumstance are 1 in 400 Billion. No one can replace you. Most of us waste our lives trying to be someone else rather than just being the person we’re made to be. The only script is the one that you’re writing.


People’s opinions only matter if you let them. 

Society says we are defined by being accepted. Wrong. In fact, most people who make a lasting mark on history didn’t invest their energy into changing other people’s opinions. I’m not just talking about negative opinions either. If the scoreboard of your life is determined by public opinion, you are playing a game you will never win. Great freedom comes in knowing your value and not attaching it to the opinion of others.


Focus on what is Mission Critical. 

There is one thing we will never be able to create more of – time. Our time here on Earth is limited. The things, people, and projects that I am involved with better be super important because the time I am investing in them is something I will never get back. Even when I paid for my time many times that is time away from family. So I have to choose to invest my time on what is Mission Critical. (Hint: That mission is something bigger than you.)


You Matter, a lot. 

For me, nothing has changed my understanding of how much I am worth more than knowing that the Creator of the Universe sent His one and only Son to leave Heaven for Earth because He loved me. There is nothing greater than knowing I’m loved, valued, and of great worth to a Savior that died in my place. It reminds me of who has sent me on the mission ahead. When you show up knowing who is behind you, everything changes.


So attack today knowing that you are valuable and here on purpose. What you do with today matters! 

  • 28nickels

    Agent Carter is a great show for sure and you were bang on with the lesson to be learned there. Thank you for the reminder that we are uniquely made to be ourselves and not anyone else. All too often we change based on the judgments of others…here’s to all the individuals out there who are blazing their own trail!

    • terryweaver

      Thanks Nicole. God has wired you to see things that no one else sees and most days you actually are actually out blazing a trail.

  • Kellie Boda

    Great post! I admit I have found myself playing the mind game of “What if they don’t like or understand it?…What if they think this or that of me?…” These are 4 great tools to keep and remind myself of often. #4 being the most crucial of them all. My value is measured by Him and no other and He reminds me daily just how valuable I am.

    • terryweaver

      Thanks Kellie for stopping by. Be confident what you are creating with Warrior Chix is pretty amazing I can’t wait to see what you do next. Keep at it!

  • Mitch

    Nailed it.

    • terryweaver

      Thanks Rev. Dr. Bishop Miller =)

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