The lost art of Thank You

The lost art of Thank You

This is a guest post by, Leslie Weaver (who happens to be my wife)
I have to admit I have a fondness for Jimmy Fallon’s weekly thank you notes. They always make me laugh, but more than a laugh they make me ponder the lost art of “Thank You.” Many times words are seen as just a means of communication or filling quiet and uncomfortable conversation. Words are so much more. Let’s focus on two words that have power in them. Thank you. When speaking these words we seek a posture of gratitude with someone else. We say what you did is valued, you are valued. It’s a formal expression of gratitude. It’s stopping to say I appreciate you and what you did for me. This has become a lost art for many.

Thank you can be written with a note, in an email, or through social media. It can also be spoken. The avenue for expressing gratitude isn’t as important as expressing your appreciation. One common place that thank you is overlooked is job interviews. Just a short note or email will more likely get you hired. When you have a death in your family and someone sends condolences, provides meals, or checks on you. When you are sick and others offer to make meals, sit with you during treatment, or drive you to an appointment. When someone does something no matter how small that helps you out say thank you. I refuse to put thank you in my email signature. I don’t want to be flippant in my use of these words. Every time I say thank you, I actually type it out to remind myself to express gratitude. So as you watch Fallon each week and chuckle as his thank you notes, let it remind you to say “Thank You” to someone.

An inspiring leader are words employees use to describe Leslie Weaver. As an established leader in the non-profit, ministry, and educational realms Leslie has used her experience to teach others to grow in their leadership, mentor others, and give back.  She lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Terry and their miniature schnauzer.

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