I’ve heard that word thrown around by lots of cool kids and gurus. I’ve spent most of last week around a lot of highly successful people. People who moved the ball down the field and added the commas. For years I wrote off mindset because it sounded all new-age to me. Then I remember what God actually said about me and the fact that I’m still here breathing I still have important stuff to do.

If I have learned anything it’s that those that are living the dream aren’t paying any attention to the haters. Successful people don’t work harder than you do, they’ve learned to silence the doubters (both the inner and outer voices). They understand that the most important things that you say to anyone are the stories you tell yourself.

Everyone is trying to discover their zone of genius by trying to copy what all of the gurus do. Those that have actually found the “secret sauce” know that champions on and off the field haven’t just mastered a set of skills they have mastered how to get out of their own head. They have learned that people that you do allow to speak into their life matters.

As we enter a new week turn down the noise. Not sure if this is the week of a big meeting, huge execution on dreams, stages you will stand, or field you will play on. If you want to win know what matters. Get that mission in your head. The most exciting thing for you is that you are the one setting the goal posts in place. It’s 2019 and you get to make the rules. You got this, but you gotta be the first to believe that before you will ever convince anyone else. So convince yourself first…


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