Opt Out and Be Remarkable

Opt Out and Be Remarkable

With the Holiday shopping season upon us consumerism in America is reaching it’s annual fever pitch. While we are gathering to celebrate thankfulness, we are just around the corner from greed. As you read this people are probably in a tent so they can save $100 on a computer or get free sox with every sweater they buy. There’s a reason it’s called black Friday its a dark scary day that you don’t want to experience. So we don’t.
Be Remarkable, instead.
When I heard that REI was bucking the system it made me want start throwing money at them to celebrate the fact that there were choosing to be remarkable rather than comply. If you haven’t heard they would be open on Thanksgiving, or on Black Friday they are asking everyone to #optoutside and have decide to even pay their almost 12,000 employees to do the same. I would encourage you to support this movement.
REI just taught us that we choose to be remarkable people pay attention. Culture is scream lets all be the same. Being remarkable it rebelling against that. Here’s why you can’t ignore remarkable. People who live remarkable lives shape history. Brands that choose this path are noticed and reward. The amount of free marking that that REI has gotten on social media and making the lead in every news outlet is priceless.


I think we forget that in life, we get to choose the life we live. Brave men and women have sacrificed everything so we have the freedom! A few years ago my wife and I made the decision that we would stop exchanging gifts with each other. Instead we will plan a vacation We still get gifts and even give some. I still normally find a way to celebrate Festivus or Nation Vacuum Cleaner day (I have no idea if thats a thing but I am sure it is) to get Leslie a little something special.
In this process we have stopped the post holiday return fest. We have been able to take some amazing vacations and experience moments that will never shrink or fade.
I just believe there are better ways to worship and celebrate Jesus than buying stuff that people don’t need or maybe don’t even want. If we had kids not sure if we would still do this, but we probably would because thing thing with kids is moments never come twice.
So this year on Black Friday you won’t find us waiting on line for that “deal we can’t refuse” instead we are going to rebel even more and use this day when everyone else is taking and we are going to choose to give instead! So we are joining our friends movement #joyrides and we are taking part in #JoyFriday. You should too! Join us and our friends Sara Pecchia’s Joy Rides movement with #JoyFriday. Lets turn this into a true season of giving.
Regardless of what else is happening lets choose to be remarking with our lives, our brands, and with our giving.


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