Podcast Ep. 016: Collaboration is the Deal

Podcast Ep. 016: Collaboration is the Deal

On this episode of “Making Elephants Fly,” Terry sits down with Internet Pioneer, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Leader, and one of the best guys on the planet…Tim Sanders. Tim was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s broadcast.com and later joined Yahoo where he rose to the position of Chief Solutions Officer and named its Leadership Coach. Tim’s past books include the New York Times best seller “Love Is The Killer App: How to Win Business & Influence Friends,” “The Likeability Factor,” and “Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence.” Tim’s latest book “Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges” unpacks the idea of how collaboration is secret to selling anything. Join Terry as he talks with Tim about the power of collaboration in building a life worth living and creating opportunities that you could have never created alone.


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Love is the Killer App
The Likability Factor
Today We Are Rich
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