PODCAST EP. 055: Creating Your Own Industry

PODCAST EP. 055: Creating Your Own Industry

On this episode of “Making Elephants Fly,” Terry sits down with Katrina Stone. Katrina a native of Colorado is now right in the middle of Hollywood. She’s a singer, producer, songwriter, and a successful entrepreneur. Every day from her studio and music venue in Burbank, CA Maeweather Music she’s working on creating the soundtrack to our lives. Unlike most musicians that commit to moving to Hollywood, Stone meticulously organized her dreams by creating business plans that included multiple revenue streams, the creation of publishing companies, and learning a broad set of skills to increase her net worth. We talk about her journey when there wasn’t a stage with her music partner Benj Heard they created their own. With an endorsement from PreSonus Audio, they created one of the best sounding venues in L.A. When there wasn’t a tour to go on she created her own. When she needed a way to pay the bills she discovered music placements and licensing opportunities. Her approach to everything is, “We have always felt that if there is a problem with something, do it better.” The infectious pop track Never Wanna Grow Up has been attracting national attention with licensing placements with Wayfair, Hulu, Apple, Pez, and many more. We share some stories that haven’t been heard anywhere else, including her leaving the second The Thing event having to rebuild and take control of her own industry. Be sure and listen to the end for a song from her latest EP.

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You can visit Katrina’s Website Here: https://www.katrinastonemusic.com/

Join Terry & Katrina At The Thing: http://thethinglive.com/

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