New Year One Word: Ship


For 2014 I have made a decision, I’m going to skip the resolutions and just be resolved. Resolve is so much better than making list, since I don’t like lists. So I decided to joint the tribe at OneWord365. You should join with us!


“Real Artists Ship.” Steve Jobs

Confession: I am really good at the “start.” I can create hype like a boss. I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when the idea still has that “new car” smell, but I’m not great at the “finish.” I have ADD… oh look a squirrel. But seriously, no one cares about stuff that you are gonna do. No one wants to buy into what might happen.

I have tons of epic ideas that I have never acted on. I’m not talking about B Side stuff; I’m talking about stuff that should have happened that never has. Far too often I have been a bad steward of great ideas.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― William G.T. Shedd

There is safety in keeping ideas in the incubator, it’s warm and toasty there  Finding time and clarity in a noisy world seems impossible. It’s hard work to make things happen with small budgets, other people slowing the process down, and just life interrupting progress. Enough already!


It’s time to ship! But I’m not talking about the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria. I’m talking about the kind ship that involves package and a label. This ship has to sail out the door! You know the kind where your idea becomes alive; living and breathing so much that others can touch, smell, feel, or experience it.

Let me share with a you a few things coming your way:

  • Making Elephants Fly will be done and in your hands (if you preordered before anyone else). A new event will become reality.
  • A free ebook will be on your e-reader.
  • Some big things are in store for ACTIVATE.
  • You have been warned.

2013 was the year when I took the leap to launch those ideas. 2014 will be the year that stuff gets done! I’m not sure what brown can do for you, but this guy is gonna ship some stuff!






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