Soon it will be too late.

Soon it will be too late.

Today we all heard of Kobe’s death.

Yesterday I heard of a friend admitted to the hospital on a suicide watch because of a really hard season and a mental health breakdown that followed. They almost ended their life, but someone that cared intervened.

Earlier this week I got a text from a friend who is scheduling yet another brian surgery for cancer that has returned.

Life is fragile. Many friends posted that they were “in shock” over Kobe’s death. Spoiler alert, you’re dying. As soon as you took your first breath, your last was guaranteed. Someday the news will be delivered, on our behalf that our journey on this planet is over.

Act on that dream you’ve had. Call that friend you’ve been estranged from. Quit that job you hate. Hold your loved one a little longer. Take that trip you’ve been talking about. Go all-in on that idea that keeps you up at night. Write that book that you can’t get out of your head.

One day others are going to be shocked at your death. Shock them now and live. There will never be a moment when the time perfect. There will however be a moment when it’s too late.

Stop waiting, you’re dying.

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