Podcast EP. 014: The End of Busy

Podcast EP. 014: The End of Busy

On this episode of “Making Elephants Fly,” Terry sits down with Executive Director of Propel Women, Author, Speaker, and Recovering Entrepreneur, Ali Worthington. Ali’s book, “Breaking Busy,” released this week and is already making a best-seller on many Amazon lists. “Breaking Busy” talks about how to make the best choices on how to spend the time you have and how to make room for yourself when you feel pulled in a million directions. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and the book “The Catalyst Leader” as one of the top 50 young leaders in the Nation. For too many of us we live in a world of crazy and are far too busy because everyone else is telling us they are. Join Terry as he sits down with Ali to talk more about how to have a life balance and break busy.



During the Episode Alli Mentioned a few Links that I wanted to share.
The Rescue Time App https://www.rescuetime.com/
Ali’s Time Dairy http://bit.ly/BreakingBusyTimeDiary
Breaking Busy digital toolkit http://alliworthington.com/breaking-busy-digital-toolkit


Visit Alli’s Website: http://alliworthington.com

Follow Alli on Facebook at: https://www.instagram.com/alliworthington/

Connect with Alli on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/alli

Connect with Alli on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/alliworthington/


Get Alli’s Book Here: 
Breaking Busy



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