The Kryptonite of Hustle

The Kryptonite of Hustle

You may be heroic; you definitely have superpowers. Every day, you have the chance to be a hero; you may even be a superhero, but don’t forget you are a mere mortal.
Even if you are a superhero, you still have weaknesses. Superman is rendered powerless with kryptonite. Aquaman can only be out of the water for short periods of time. Batman is just Gotham’s Bruce Wayne in a batsuit. Ironman is nothing without the suit, Wonder Women… well, she’s a woman, and they have more superpowers than men. Did you know your mom really does have eyes in the back of her head?
I love summer because of all the superhero movies come out. (I have to admit Spiderman is my favorite. It’s because of that costume my Mom made that made me believe I was capable of heroic things.) Heroes often underestimate their superpowers. I’ve been guilty of forgetting how special the gifts and abilities I have been given are.
I have friends who do a lot of amazing things. They make movies, they write books, they paint, dispense hope, curate experiences, tell stories, inspire others, design fashion, make us laugh, make us think, and challenge us all that we can do the same. But many of us forget to take care of ourselves first.
I’ve noticed a scary thing on social media lately. Let’s call it Sabbath shaming. We’ve been so programmed to celebrate hustle that we now think people who rest are lazy. Not at all! They are smart. Our bodies are frail, our humanity is real, and burnout is the new kryptonite. I saw someone today post they the were going to the Caribbean for vacation and planned on working 8 hour days instead of 15. Hustle is a season, not a way of life. There’s a reason why there is halftime in football and soccer. Even the best athletes in the world need to rest and regroup.

Many of us are paying attention to Gary Vaynerchuk’s hustle, but what many are missing is Gary’s hustle is really about presence. He’s not vlogging about family time and the time he takes off. If you are paying attention, he’s very present doing his work but what you don’t see is the focused intensity. When you are passionate about your work and dreams, it doesn’t feel like work sometimes even though it is! We must avoid the trap of thinking we can hustle without rest. Actually, rest is what makes hustle possible.
I get it… as an entrepreneur or a leader of an organization you are never off. But no one should go to the beach and work the entire time. The more you have to work the more you have failed as a leader. Surround yourself with people that can help carry the load. If you are taking 4/7/12 vacation days, I promise you that in five years the “work” that was so important will more than likely be forgotten about.
My favorite power Spider-man possesses is his “Spidey Senses.” When you need rest, your friends, family, and your health will let you know. Spiderman was a normal kid who had something happen to him, and it changed his life. Sound like your story? I love the work I do, a lot. But I love my wife more. My Spidey Senses tell me that most of you reading this need to stop, rest, and recharge.
Work is meant to allow us the resources to live life and support our families. Living life is the end goal, not the other way around.

During your rest and recharge times read, dream, even strategize. Because rest is actually going to make those superpowers that you do have that much stronger. But for the love of Batman don’t check your email and bury your face in your phone the whole trip. Be present. Your soul needs rest. Your marriage needs you. Trust me, at the end of your life you won’t be telling stories of your to-do list on your deathbed. You will hear your family tell stories from that place or that trip. Life is short, live it.
Go and do the real heroic thing, rest. You can’t save the world without rest.

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