The Price of Admission

“Success: Willing to do what the average person is not willing to do.” Anonymous

Everything has an admission price. Movies, sporting events, art shows, the circus, school dances, and concerts. Even things that are 100% free, someone paid a price for your admission.

Most of us don’t sell out stadiums, have New York Times best sellers, sell out of our art, make a platinum record, or make a dream reality because the cost is too high. Think about the times when you have bought a ticket to attend something. Those on that stage or behind the mic payed dearly. The cost is not just financial, it’s sleepless nights… it’s time away from family… it’s important life events missed… it’s skipping dinner with friends to finish a project… it’s vacations not taken because the family’s full resources were behind keeping the lights on, and making the vision a reality.

Earlier this year, I spent a few days dreaming with a friend about what we could do together. Dreaming about what is possible and plotting to make the impossible a reality. On a break to get some fuel, aka caffeine, we started to unpack the things that got us to this place, all while facing the reality. We talked about sleepless nights, and the battles that we face when we wake up. We talked about the failures that nearly cost us everything.

In those amazing days, we spent hours upon hours creating more work for ourselves. For us, the price of admission is high, but the cost of not doing what we have been created to do is much greater.

Admit One Ticket

This last weekend, I went to a friends house to help him get his new iPad set up. On my way to his bonus room. I passed ten or more gold and platinum record plaques. The first question I asked him was, “How much did those cost?” His response, “Wel,l the label just gave them to me for selling millions of records, but I promise you they cost more than you can imagine.”

Every album, piece of art, movie, book, got created because someone said, “Man, I am suppose to be doing this, so I am going to do it.” Even this laptop exists because two twenty-somethings locked themselves in the garage to create something new rather than going out and admiring the awesome stuff everyone else was making. They paid a price.

I know anyone that has written, produced, created, and shipped their _________ has heard, “You are so lucky. I wish I could do what you do.” Really? What they are saying is I want to do what I just saw you do. I am blessed to be able to live out my passions and privilege to have the gifts and talents that make my calling a reality.

I love what Michael Jordan says, “Some people WANT it to happen, some WISH it would happen, and others MAKE it happen.” You don’t win championship games by wishing the ball would go through the hoop. Wishing upon a star is great, getting in a rocket and going after the star is different. The first price you have to pay is getting past the wanting and the wishing and just get to the doing.

This is not me complaining, it’s just a warning. There is a cost. I’m not sure how much It will cost you to make you goals, visions, and dreams a reality, but I can tell you this: the cost is greater than you can imagine, so be sure what you are doing has value that will live on long after you do.

Some are ok just watching. Average people do that, it’s what makes them average. They aren’t bad people, it just means they weren’t willing to pay the price of admission.

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