A few thoughts on Champions

A few thoughts on Champions

Wow, the Masters! Tiger Woods with the comeback. The comeback from addiction, the comeback from moral failure, the come back from a career-ending injury and the surgery to follow, the come back from failure and the comeback from the tabloids. Gosh, I love comebacks, especially in a week that we celebrate the ultimate comeback.

Confession I found myself with something in my eye as he sunk that last putt and rushed to the embrace from his son and the rest of his family. The dictionary defines a champion as a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions. No doubt for Tiger the opponents were both internal and external.

Champions surround themselves with other champions.

One of the highlights of the win from me was watching Michael Phelps cheer the ball inches from being a hole in one. We’ve all hear Jim Rohn’s quote, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” and we’ve all heard that “our network is our network” I can attribute many of my success (and failures) by the people surrounding me at the time. I’m grateful for my friends, mentors, and those that allow me to pour into them.

Champions understand that you may not always win.

Always celebrate other’s wins. I loved seeing the other players there at the clubhouse congratulating Tiger. Bubba Watson and other past winners. Including Tony Finau who dreamed of one day playing on a Sunday in a major with Tiger only to finish a few strokes behind him. None of those guys came to Augusta to lose to Tiger, yet still, they understood how amazing the moment was so they celebrated with him even in defeat.

Champions Have to play through the rain.

There was a moment in the back nine where it was just pouring rain. What a metaphor for Tiger’s journey. Life sucks sometimes, and sometimes it’s our fault. Tiger didn’t quit, he just played through. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of rain lately but you just gotta keep playing through in spite of the rain.

Champions still have Doubters.

Even when You are the greatest of all time there will still be a group of people to doubt you. Even now there are people hating on his victory because of his past failures. Go out there and win, you still may not silence them but it doesn’t matter because you won’t be able to hear from them because of the roar of the crowd. Your people will find you, don’t worry about those that don’t get it.

Champions Know what really matters.

It all comes down to knowing what really matters. That was clear the moment that his son ran to his arms and was proud of his Dad. I can’t imagine that emotion for both of them. Early in his career, he played to make his Dad proud, today it was flipped he was a father playing to make his son proud. The sooner you can figure out your “Why” the sooner you can start winning again.



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