Tomatoes, Bats, Critics, & Heroes

Tomatoes, Bats, Critics, & Heroes

Last night, I sat in a theater with the lowest expectations I have ever for a movie because critics and friends had led me to believe that this movie was terrible. Currently Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a score of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. I gotta be honest; I kinda liked it. I got to see some of the characters I used to wear on underoos while imagining I was them, come to life for me on the big screen. A team of creatives, writers, artists, and storytellers invested years of their lives creating this movie.
I was sitting next to my little brother watching this movie together before he becomes a husband, and we were on the edge or seats freaking out like twelve-year-old boys. Batflack was awesome. I think he was the best Bruce Wayne. Wonder Woman was awesome. Lex Luthor was great. Doomsday! I mean… guys, Adam West and Burt Ward was the first Batman and Robin I knew. You know… Boom, Pow, Zap. I am going to duck as I say this… but really Ben Affleck was the most convincing Batman ever. Sure there were moments that I didn’t love, but overall it was greater than I was led to believe.
For some reason, we go into the theater with expectations that other people will create the exact movie we would have made. Every time a movie comes out that puts something on the screen that you loved as a child the haters, critics, and doubters come out of the woodwork. I actually love Michael Bay movies. I don’t go into them expecting a Nicolas Sparks romance, or a Steven Spielberg epic… I am just excited to see the heroes, robots, and turtles. I mean, why hasn’t a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot happened yet?
The critics may destroy you. They may throw tomatoes, but don’t let them paralyze you. Most of us live our lives like the opinions of others will dictate our ability to succeed. Critics are our kryptonite because they drive us to fear. As Pete Wilson said, “Fear establishes the limits of our lives.” If you fear the critic, you will never make anything. If you fear flying, you will never go anywhere. And if you fear failure, you will never achieve anything.
Can we all take a break from being critics and celebrate those brave enough to create? Better yet, can we be brave enough to create? I want to be the one creating stuff, not for the critic but for the two guys who left the theater last night still wanting a Batmobile. Critics just wait around for creators to create. Movements are started by the makers… be one of those. You and I can invest our lives in being an armchair quarterback, or we can actually go change the game.

  • JohnnyKC

    Seriously awesome stuff Terry. Can I get an #amen from he back? Easier to hate than create.

    • terryweaver

      Thanks John for the encouragement! So glad you are creating.

  • 28nickels

    This!! Great point here. I think all to often we let others’ opinions dictate our actions before we even begin. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to and such wisdom to boot!

    • terryweaver

      Nicole you are probably a secret member of the Justice League and we just don’t know it yet.

  • Andrea Joy Wenburg

    Yes!!! I love it. We’ve got to be willing to lay it on the line and take hits so we can offer something the world needs.

    • terryweaver

      Absolutely Andrea thanks for being here and all of your support.

  • Couldn’t agree more Terry. My wife was surprised I wanted to go after all the bad reviews, but I was like, “it’s Batman and Superman.” I thought it was great. Best superhero movie ever? No. But the 29% rating is a travesty. And Ben Affleck was spot on. Reminds me of the great line that they never build statues to critics, but alas, statues still get pooped on. 🙂

    Here’s to the creators!

    • terryweaver

      Thanks man! Let’s Skype soon!

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