A Legendary Story

A Legendary Story

Thanks to some friends, last week my wife and I went a preview screening of the new Disney / Pixar movie “Brave” (If you haven’t figured it out yet we are Disney nerds). The movie was unexpected and amazing. Set in the Highlands of Scotland, it was probably the most beautiful animated film I have ever seen! I’m so glad that Steve Jobs believed in the vision of John Lasseter, chose to refuse to quit and created Pixar.


There was a quote in the middle of the movie that just owned me. I had a hard time even paying attention to the rest of the movie after that quote resonated with me. I am well aware of my ADD–oh look a squirrel. I have been cursed / blessed with an almost hawk like killer instinct to find those teachable moments in movies.


Maybe it was the fact that lead in the movie was the sassy red-haired Princess Merida. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the gingers. Although the joke is that Gingers have no soul this one has plenty!


See I told you about my ADD. Now back to the quote…there was scene in the movie where Merida was speaking to all of the clans and she said, “Our stories are not yet legends…” I have not been able to stop thinking about that statement for days. Its on permanent replay in the movie theater of my mind.


There has been lots of talk in recent years about our story. We have heard how we need to live a better story. I think the word that just froze me in my steps was “YET”. That there is a chance our stories can be legendary.




The real “Ah Ha” moment in the movie for Merida was when she realized that it was not all about her. Over and over this generation of students is called the “entitled generation”. If there was anything I could use to describe my generation it would be that we are the “gonna do” generation. All of my friends love to talk about about what they are going to do. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of talking!


I want to be part of a story that legendary. I want our stories to be legends 100 years from now. I pray that the things I have spent my time and passion on become legends that others will share. It’s not that I want fame or an action figure (although if you know someone that can make that happen, let me know) I want to be part of something legendary. What makes a story truly legendary is when it moves from “me” to “we”.


Merida kind of answered the key to legendary stories when she said. “Our fate lives within us. We only have to be Brave enough to see it.” I’m not sure who your “us” is. It may be your family, your company, your church, your neighborhood, your city, or your posse. Being “Brave” is understanding that together we can do so much more than we can alone.


I’m ready to be a part of a movement that legendary. Let’s do something legendary today!

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