Dealing With Overwhelm

Dealing With Overwhelm

A guest post from Leslie Weaver


Do you feel like you are being pulled in so many directions that you don’t know how to get it all done?  Maybe it’s just overwhelming thinking about getting it all done.   Overwhelm is a word many of use to describe our circumstances.  Let’s define it and take steps to overcome it. Tonya Dalton with Inkwell Press talks about the idea of having so many things to do and get done that you don’t know where to start.   Knowing where to begin can be incredibly difficult, it requires prioritizing and being intentional with your time.  You must focus on what is important and get it done! 

How can do we get started and overcome overwhelm? 


Step 1 – What needs done?

  • Do a brain dump. 
  • Write it down.
  • Make a list of everything you feel needs done.

Step 2 – Prioritize your list

  • What is truly urgent and time-sensitive?
  • What things are the most important things that need to get done?
  • Ask yourself, what do you have to do, what can be delegated with deadlines and follow up?

Step 3 – Schedule your tasks and assign time limits

Now that you have defined what needs done, break it down into manageable tasks and assign deadlines

Here are a few helpful hints to help maximize your time.  First, minimize distractions.  This is hard for social people.  Close the office door, turn off notifications, close your email, and turn off your ringers to allow you to focus on the task that needs to be done.  Next, utilize technology to help remind you to get things done!  Set reminders on your calendars, not just deadlines, but where you need to be to reach your long term goal. If you want to get to ad 1000 new followers this month on Instagram, what actions do you need to take each day?  Set a reminder to do it!  Finally, block out time to do it.  Focus, undistracted time to work on the task at hand.  For the next hour and a half I am going to work on creating content for my blog. 

Don’t let overwhelm shut your down, conquer it with a plan and make it happen! 

An inspiring leader are words employees use to describe Leslie Weaver. As an established leader in the non-profit, ministry, and educational realms Leslie has used her experience to teach others to grow in their leadership, mentor others, and give back.  She lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Terry and their miniature schnauzer Walt.

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