Going all Jack Bauer on Your Dreams

Going all Jack Bauer on Your Dreams

The wait is over! Last night, I turned on FOX, and there he was, Jack Bauer was back! (With a vengeance, I might add.) CTU is dead. The CIA is looking for him. The president is falling apart. Drones are attacking. 24 did not disappoint. Chuck Norris and Jason Borne have gone into hiding knowing that Jack is back.


Hands down the best show of the last 10 years is 24. Mr. Bauer is one of the best characters of all time. The creators and writers of the show have found a way to seem so current, but move the plot around so the only thing you know is the vengeance of Jack is about to rain down on someone. I have missed Jack; I needed him to remind me of a few things…



Six Lessons for Dreamers and & Doers from Jack Bauer: 


Sometimes You Just Have to Go off the Grid.


It’s been years since we have seen or heard from Mr. Bauer. No telling where he has been. Sadly, he hasn’t been posting selfies with terrorists whom he stabbed in the neck to Instagram. I kinda feel like the least he could have done was posted a pic to Facebook of what he had for dinner every now and then. In all the seasons of 24, we have never seen him eat, so I assume he eats nails and drinks gasoline. In this age of social media, we are more connected than ever. So even if we don’t go completely dark, sometimes we are gonna have to turn off the notifications and stop posting about what we are gonna do and actually do it.


There is Gonna be Collateral Damage.


Death and carnage follow Jack wherever he goes. If you want to accomplish big things, you are gonna have to kill stuff. If good really is the enemy of great, then it must die. You are not Jack, so that means you are not all powerful. You are gonna have to delete some good things and maybe even some other great things to allow you to make those massive impossible dreams a reality. You are gonna have to put some of those passions on life support for a while. Some stuff just needs taken out in the back yard and shot like a lame horse. This process is not easy, but it’s the only way.


Trust in no one to do what you are designed to Do.


Jack trusts no one to do what he knows that only he can do. If there is a job that Jack can do, he just gets it done. Books don’t write themselves (trust me, I have tried that method it doesn’t work). Masterpieces don’t just show up on canvas. FedEx doesn’t deliver your hit record until you do the work. Sure, trust your team. Jack is no one without Chloe. But at the end the buck stops with Jack, and it should with you too.



Jack Sets the Rules of Engagement


No one sets the rules for Jack. If you get to talk to Jack, it’s because Jack wants to talk to you. So much of our lives we allow others to set the terms. That has to stop. Life is too short to play by someone else’s rules. Your inbox can wait. Those voicemails (unless they are part of you achieving your goal) can wait. Think like Jack; decide what is urgent and keeps you alive (aka. your dreams or goal), and pay attention to that. Ignore the rest.  If your job is not your passion, quit. Don’t let others tell you what you need to be doing. You decide. Maybe not tomorrow, but get a plan to get out of those things weighing your down. Don’t waste your life, you only have one.

Jack’s Achilles Heal


Jack Bauer has only blown one thing. I know he is super human, but every hero has a flaw and Jack’s is that he put everything else before his family; don’t do that. I hope by the end of this special season he will reconcile with his family.

By Any Means Necessary


Once the mission has been established, no one, nothing gets in the way. I love what Craig Juntunen, the founder of Both Ends Burning says, “Nobody ever achieves greatness while thinking in reasonable terms.” Get unreasonable. No matter the task, Jack has always found the people and resources to accomplish the task at hand. Today is your chance stop thinking like a reasonable human being and go nuts. Your back may be against the wall, and everyone may have counted you out, but now is the time to press through!


I am writing this post to me just as much as you. I have no idea what audacious goal or dream you are staring at, but I challenge you to go all Jack Bauer on it, and I dare someone to try to stop you.***No one was harmed in the writing of this post, yet.

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