Kayne West & the Audacity of Believing in Your Calling

Kayne West & the Audacity of Believing in Your Calling

Audacity. It’s a word that you use to describe people who believe in something when no one else does. Audacious people are those that make change happen.


Like many of you reading this, I’ve really had a hard time understanding Kanye West. You know… I’m gonna let you finish but Beyonce, and just call me Yeezus, and the contradiction of his life and lyrics. I’ve even seen him in concert when he opened up for U2 in St. Louis on the Vertigo Tour, and honestly, he was brilliant.


Every time he opens his mouth or tweets I normally cringe like most of you. But I think I finally understand the chaos that is Kayne. Kayne really believes in the work he is called to. He lives the famous Walt Disney quote, “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”


Recently on the Ellen show, he went off the rails (you can watch it here). It was “Tom Cruise standing on Oprah’s couch” crazy. In the midst of this endless rant, he said something that gave me a lot of clarity. “Picasso is dead, Steve Jobs is dead, [Walt] Disney is dead. Name someone living that you can name in the same breath as them. We’re one race, the human race. We’re a blip in the existence of the universe, and we’re constantly trying to pull each other down. It’s like I’m shaking talking about it, I feel I can make a difference while I’m here, I feel I can make a difference through my skill set.”




I think we could all agree that Mr. West could use a little humility, but the confidence that he has in his dreams is something I long for. He is the picture of audacity. He’s right too. Not just right for himself but for ALL OF US. We can all make a difference with the gifts and talents we possess… we just have to believe it. I want to believe in the things that I am here to do like Kanye believes in Kanye. Not in a refer to myself in the third-person kind of way but in an actually believe kind of way.


Before you think both that both Kanye and I are actually nuts, think about this: he is so right about the fact that we are just a blip in the universe but can still make a difference while we are here.


I believe that Kayne and I share the same issue, and I am guessing that you do too: We want to talk about the work, we want to tweet about the work, and of course we want to Instagram about the work with our sandwich, but sometimes the most audacious thing we can do is just let the work speak for itself. The work of Picasso, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney is still speaking for them while their bodies have rotted in the ground.


It’s really easy to get lost in talking about the work we are going to do rather than just doing the work. It’s easy to get caught up in promoting the work rather than finishing the work.


I dare you to have the audacity to believe so much in the work you are called to do even to the point where people think you are crazy. I beg you – and me – to be audacious enough to do the work and share it with everyone.

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