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Making Elephants Fly is for anyone with a dream that they want to get off the ground. Over the last 20+ years, Terry Weaver has been speaking to dream chasers, artists, students, musicians, and creatives. He’s now taking that knowledge and sharing it with you.

There’s a good chance you’re currently living with an elephant in your living room and don’t even know it. We’ve all heard of “the elephant in the room,” but for most of us that elephant is an unrealized dream, an unfinished goal, or that big idea that was too unrealistic to make a reality. In these pages, you will learn:

– The high cost of chasing someone else’s plan for your life.
– How to move ideas out of your head and into the world.
– The process to see crazy, big, audacious dreams actually become real.
– How to Build a tribe that will lift you up, rather than hold you back.

  • “At the Walt Disney Company, we create magic every day for our guests that keep them coming back. Terry Weaver’s Making Elephants Fly is packed full of tools to equip leaders to create that same magic with their ideas.”

  • “I’ve known Terry for years, and he’s been a huge encourager of my work and my business. Finally, he’s about to do that for a whole lot more people with this book. Get ready to be inspired in the same way I’ve been inspired by Terry’s unique approach to life.”

  • “Making Elephants Fly is a highly inspirational read that will open doors to viewing things differently. It will empower you to not only see more but achieve more. Terry has a knack of helping you connect with your inner child; the inner child who dreams bigger. This book has many tools to help you on your journey. Definitely, a must read!”

  • “In this page-turning read, you’ll be challenged to raise the bar, build your wings and take flight. For the creative and doer in all of us, this book will move you to action.”

  • “Making Elephants Fly is a rowdy big top filled with inspiring stories, useful metaphors and darn good advice. Terry is a giver, and with childlike enthusiasm and vulnerability, he gives you a big permission slip to chase your dreams and a clear path to make them come true.”

  • “Making Elephants Fly will help you get unstuck and push you to find bravery with your dreams. Terry calls us to fight our fears and to have the courage to do the things we know we are meant to do. Read this book and take the leap!”

  • “People don’t want to live life in the confines of a box, and yet too often we are lulled to rest thereby the ease of conformity. Wielding vivid imagery and powerful storytelling, Terry Weaver cuts through the stale cardboard walls and releases the reader into a fresh and hopeful reality, one where elephants really do fly.”

  • “It’s one thing to dream of achieving the impossible. It’s a whole other thing to get started pursuing it. Terry Weaver shows you how to do both in a way that will bring you from the “always wanted to try” to the “been there, done that.”

  • “Whether you need a cheerleader, a life coach, or a kick in the pants, this book is for you! Terry does a great job challenging you to dream big, make a plan, and get started. He weaves in inspiring personal stories, tough truths, crazy facts, and even elephant poop to push you to pursue your dreams.”

  • “I met Terry years ago and even in those early years he was a voice of encouragement. What I’ve seen continually grow since then is his grasp on the “tools” to get creative work done. A specific set that you need to get what idea is on the inside of you on the outside. In his book, Making Elephants Fly, Terry shares that process with you. Don’t carry around your ideas. Rather, read this book on your journey and make that elephant fly.”

  • “Terry Weaver will inspire those that feel stuck with an idea, but no clue how to make it a reality. He’s always been there encouraging me to make my crazy ideas real and he is finally sharing that with you. Making Elephants Fly doesn’t ask you to dream. It forces you to.”

  • “If you’ve ever dared to dream of the impossible, if you’ve ever had an idea and wondered how to get it off the ground, then this book is for you. Making Elephants Fly will inspire you to think bigger, dream better, and act sooner. It’s a keeper.”

  • “An elephant has never composed a symphony, but after reading Making Elephants Fly, you will believe they can fly. Master storyteller, Terry Weaver’s book is filled with stories of lives and words that inspired him. His best story, though, is his own. Like many creators, Terry did not suffer from an abundance of self-esteem. He did have the determination and a deep faith to get the most out of life by doing the most with his. He wants to assist you to do the same. Even if it means jumping from a burning building and learning to fly.”




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