Our Time is Now

Our Time is Now

Our New Year’s Day began just like many others. We slept in and were on our way to the airport for a little adventure, a little hustle, and sneaking in a bit of fun. We stopped to have a nice New Year’s Day dinner, and as we were wrapping up eating, my wife’s phone rang. It was her parent’s house in Canada; they never call from the house, and it was only 9 am where they live. Before Leslie answered the phone, I had an idea what the news was. I could hear my Mother-in-law on the other end saying, “I think we lost him.”
In an instant, our 2016 changed. 2015 was marked by a lot of time by his side battling a heart condition. Less than 12 hours into the new year we were met with the hard reality of how short life really is.
To be brutally honest the last three weeks have been asking lots of questions and just being stuck. In the midst of a snow day, a moment of clarity come with an announcement of a new song from Jon Forman on the Switchfoot website. Jon has a way to give voice to the melodies of my heart.

These lyrics from Jon Foreman just destroyed my fears and gave me hope for the time that I have here on this earth, “Time is an illusion. Time is a curse. Time is all these things and worse, but our time is now… Let us sing before our time runs out.”
My word for 2016 was obvious: now. Now is all we have. For the last few years I have been a part of #OneWord365, a group of people dedicated to the idea to forget New Year’s Resolutions and just choose one word as your lens for the year. Even when we simplify it down to one word, it’s still easier to declare it than it is to do it. I believe in the power of setting goals and achieving them. I love dreaming big of what is possible. Imagining what tomorrow could be is empowering. But the sad reality is that tomorrow isn’t promised. Ideas, dreams, and goals are no good when we fade to dust.
For me I want this year to be known for living in the moment, focusing on what is significant, and not creating long lists of what might be tomorrow. These last few weeks have served as a reminder of how short our time is here on earth. We waste a lot of life chasing things that don’t really matter and won’t matter after we are gone. I wanted to invest my life in things now that will matter later.
As Proverbs 27:1 reminds us, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” None of us know if we will be the making the call, receiving the call, or be the one that call is about.
Less than twelve hours in the new year and I was well aware of the importance of now. Now is all we have. My time is now. Your time is now. Our time is now. May this year be the year where you seized the reality of now. Living in the now doesn’t just make a cute song lyric, it makes for a life well lived. Your now is here. The question is what are you going to do with it before it’s gone.
What is the one thing that you must do……now?

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