PODCAST EP. 029: Scaling Your Life

PODCAST EP. 029: Scaling Your Life

So I did a thing. I’m mixing up the format on my podcast. I keep hearing from you wanting more from the Making Elephants Fly Podcast. So my goal is to come out with weekly episodes. The interviews will still be coming. Once a month I will be releasing a special “Conversations I’m Having With Myself” episode with just me a 10-15 minute rant about something that I am thinking about, wrestling with, or learning. The fourth week every month with be some bonus content. Look for some audio of talks that I give at events, a keynote from speakers from The Thing, bonus Facebook LIVE content, or whatever tomfoolery I’m in the mood for that month. I want to deliver a weekly show for you guys and still deliver high-quality interviews and keep it fresh for me. So here go step inside my head and hear what’s going on in there. You have been warned. Here is the first one now!

On this episode of Making Elephants Fly, Terry sits down for a Conversation with himself. Yes, you read that right. No guest or interview on this episode. Be careful because you’re going to be hearing Terry’s inner dialogue. In addition to the amazing conversations that Terry has with amazing leaders. Hopefully, this will mean more of the Making Elephants Fly Podcast and more regularly will end up in your favorite Podcast player. On this first episode of the new bonus format, Terry wrestles with this idea: How to Scale Your Life. There are lots of voices calling us to scale our business and our income but where are the voices challenging us to scale our life. Listen in as Terry talks to himself.




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