PODCAST EP. 067: Stop Trying to Create Alone

PODCAST EP. 067: Stop Trying to Create Alone

On this episode of Making Elephants Fly, Terry sits down with Damon Oates. After leaving a career as an engineer in the oil industry Damon took his hobby and turned into a portfolio of successful businesses. Damon is one of the few instructors to specialize in both e-commerce and content-based businesses. He built his first five-figure business at 17. Throughout his life, Damon has thrived as an entrepreneur and launched several successful businesses – one five-figure, one six-figure and three seven-figure businesses. He built a seven-figure consulting company right out of college, he has now built a seven-figure sustainable content-based business in less than a year and shortly after created an e-commerce business that is expected to hit multiple seven-figures in 2020. He has taught over four thousand other craftpreneurs how to implement his same business strategy and his students have hit six-figure businesses and two students reached seven-figure businesses in 2019. Join Damon and Terry as they talk about what happens when they take control of creating their own future, turn passions into profits, and help a lot of others along the way.

You can visit Damon’s Website Here: https://damonoates.com/

Join Terry & Damon At The Thing: http://thethinglive.com/

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