Stop Overthinking It.

Stop Overthinking It.

Here’s what I know about you…..

If you’re anything like me and trying to create things and release them into the world you are overthinking it. STOP IT! Every coaching call, text exchange, and mastermind group I’ve been a part of the last few weeks have been a reminder of this. This same thing is true of my friends who are just getting started as my friends who run monthly six-figure businesses. The ideas we have in our heads (regardless of how much thought we’ve put into it) don’t help anyone.

Ideas (Books, Courses, Brands, _____________) are all destinations that we are all trying to get to. He’s the problem destinations reveal themselves on the journey not parked in the garage. Get in the care and start driving and stop working about where you are going to end up. I’m all of the beginning with the end in mind….but worrying about details that you just won’t be able to figure out

Market research in 2019 is to simply start creating and your audience will make it really clear what they want and need. I know we all overthink it. Walt Disney reminds us, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Stop talking about, stop posting on social media that you’re going to do it, and please stop trying to play through every possible scenario and just get started. Success is much simpler than we all think. You will figure it out along the way…just stop overthinking it.

Most people don’t lack small vision they lack big vision. Problem is almost everyone lacks action. Talking about what you want to and create is much more fun than doing. Talking about writing a book is easy. Plans to launch a product don’t help anyone. Businesses that aren’t shared with the world don’t make anyone any money. Ideas about the future don’t change it.

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