The *asterisk is everywhere.

The *asterisk is everywhere.

The *asterisk is everywhere.

This week’s news cycle has been fascinating. The group of people screaming the loudest for tolerance are mad that Ellen Degeneres was invited as a guest of Jerry Jones in his box at At&t stadium. It seems simple, be kind to the other human sitting next to you. Apparently, they laughed and ate popcorn together and that’s frustrating to some. (As a lifelong Washington Redskins fan I’m just upset that they went to a Cowboys game. #HTTR)

The media still hates George W Bush. I have friends on both sides of the aisle that can’t have a conversation that doesn’t start with but Trump… I can’t take it anymore. Every single one of us was created in God’s image and we are all His children. The media is thriving off of dividing us.

I don’t understand what would have made the outrage mafia happy. Should she have thrown her coke in his lap? Did they want her to make a sign protesting something? I guess they wanted her to post hateful things about him on social media. I keep hearing yeah Ellen but what about *_.

Let me be honest. I’m tired of everything having a caveat. I’m tired of not just loving people and supporting people. But what about *_. I have friends that worked for the Bush family, I have friends that have appeared on Ellen, I have gay friends, I have conservative Christian friends, I have gay conservative friends, I have fat friends, I have skinny friends, I have friends that love Disney, I have friends that don’t, I could go on….. I love them all. Heck, my wife is even a lifelong Cowboys fan. (If I can overlook that clearly I can overlook anything) I don’t have time to judge or argue with them. I want to know what can we work on together. No caveats, no but, and no asterisk.

Here’s the real issue is whatever message gets louder gets repeated. So rather than amplifying hate. Let’s amplify love and kindness. I honestly can’t believe I feel the need to even say this out loud. I feel like we learned this in Kindergarten.

I don’t care if you are brown, tan, pink, white, black, yellow, or a combination of all of the above. We are all here on this earth and it’s time we just are kind on to another. See the golden rule really does work. If you don’t like how a group of people treats you just out nice them. Let’s try and be kind to each without the asterisk. I promise the humans you are around could accomplish a lot together if you stopped looking for what you disagree vs what you agree on. I think even our friends in the Captial building could learn a lot from this idea too.

I think you’re awesome even though you’re *__.

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