The most Important part of the VMAs you Probably Missed 

The most Important part of the VMAs you Probably Missed 

I am going to guess that most of my readers missed this because they didn’t even watch the show. But in the midst of Kanye West telling everyone he was a “Millennial bro” (something that’s impossible considering he’s part of Generation X), Miley Cyrus dancing with drag queens, Nikki Minaj about to beat the heck out Miley (something I was actually hoping would happen) because of some beef they have online, Justin Bieber flying and crying, and Taylor Swift proving that she’s just a nice person, there was something REALLY important you missed. I watched the show and pre-show on my DVR with my finger on the Fast-Forward button (the only way to tolerate the pain), and noticed the night’s big winner did not even leave with a Moon Man. There was no awkward speech from the winner. Not because they weren’t there, but because they didn’t get an award, but yet they still won.


The night’s real winner… the Internet. Well, even more specifically… storytellers. People have something thing to say and don’t have to have the backing of a billion-dollar media company. It was obvious from the first second of the red carpet to the hosts of the pre-show to the performers of the night that people with no chance to get the media’s attention have found a way to get the attention of millions, which meant that the people who think they are in power had to pay attention. Take Todderick Hall, who now has his own show on MTV because he posted videos like these on YouTube by editing them on the best split screen video editor and built a tribe of millions. Then there is, hands down, the moment of the night — Tori Kelly, who no doubt is like an alien because humans can’t sing like that. Tori (who Simon Cowell thought wasn’t good enough) clearly proved him wrong on one of music’s biggest stages. 

I know you are thinking so what; the whole thing is a joke, and you might be right. But, please don’t miss the real story of the night. It’s not that Kayne West is running for President in 2020; it’s that anyone with a story to tell has the power to tell it regardless of the gatekeepers giving you permission. You may be saying Terry, I can’t sing like Tori or Todderick. This isn’t just about music; this is about stay-at-home moms that want to teach people to cook (without Food Network giving them permission). This is about writers writing (without a publisher editing your voice). This is about anyone with something they want to share with the world. You have a platform called the Internet; use it. I underestimated this until I launched a Podcast and in just a matter of weeks hundreds of people are listening in places I have never been to a conversation I am leading. 

Stop waiting for a spot on the big stage; you don’t need our permission to start making noise. Don’t worry about being too noisy, remember you gotta talk over Kanye. I promise that if you make it loud enough and long enough we will hear you. Remember you won. Instead of making some lame speech, go and make awesome happen. We are waiting!  

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