Words Are Powerful

Words Are Powerful

Tonight I was reminded how powerful that our words are. Our words can bring hope or they can destroy what little hope remains. There are times when you are trying to live out your calling that it feels like there is a 10-ton boulder pushing you down the mountain that you are trying to climb. Then there are those moments when you feel like the coach with a Gatorade bath after the Super Bowl on top of your game. There are days when it feels like the momentum has come to a screeching halt.

These last few days have been tough to watch what words have done to others in my life. I love being an encourager and a cheerleader for others. It’s what gives me life, but sometimes you wonder if you’re even making a difference. I got a text tonight from someone that is a part of one of my mentoring and mastermind groups. They shared with me the lessons they have learned from me on dealing with the resistance and how changing their mindset made an actual difference for them. They went on to share how today they had the opportunity to help their son staring down resistance with that same wisdom.

Tonight those words were like rope falling from heaven to pull me up that mountain again. Our words have the power to affect people we never speak to. I must confess the encouragement that the coaching, teaching, and mentoring that it is actually making a difference, not just the lives of others but in those that they influence as well. I’m grateful for those that use their words to encourage me. Thank you for lifting me up. Those words of encouragement that you spoke over me reached a kid on a soccer field that you never met. Who knows where they will go from that field.

Sometimes you just need to hear your words back at you in an encouraging way. As an old Pastor friend of mine would say, Sometimes son we need to hear our own sermons back at us. I challenge you to remember the power of your words. Use them today to encourage someone else. Words are powerful, use them wisely. Maybe today your words can be that glimmer of hope someone needed. Chances are those words will come just at the right time.

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